Chapter 3. What's New in this Release

Table of Contents

Major New Features/Improvements
Platform Specific Changes
Source Code Availability Change

Major New Features/Improvements

This release features support for Microsoft Windows platforms for the first time, significant improvements in runtime performance, and identification of third party software not registered with the OS.

The following major features/changes were added in this release:

  • Windows Support is provided for the first time in this release. The full suite of SysInfo™ APIs, CLI, and GUI are supported on most major editions of Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003.

  • Improved third party software discovery for software which is not found in the native OS provided software registry. SysInfo™ now has builtin knowledge of major third party software and understands how to locate and report on these specific products. This release reports on the following products:

    • Apache HTTPD Web Server

    • BEA WebLogic Server

    • IBM WebSphere Platform Server

    • Oracle Database

    • Oracle Application Server

    • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

    • Tibco Enterprise Message Service

    • Tibco Rendezvous

    Support for other major third party software will be added in future releases.

  • I18N Internalization support has been implemented. When the --format report --widechar options are used, the output will be in wide character format. SysInfo field labels will be in English and the data fields will be in whatever localized language the operating system provides the data in.

  • Runtime performance improvements, especially at startup have been made. The previous SysInfo™ shell based wrapper has been replaced with a binary wrapper and the whole SysInfo™ runtime process pipeline has been streamlined.

  • Software class discovery is much faster, on most platforms.

  • Multiple versions of software products are now reported. Previous release supported the ability to only report on the first version of a software product even if multiple versions of the same product were found.

  • Improved Software class report data by outputing in new v2 report format in addition to original v1 format.

  • Up Time for the system is now reported as part of the General class.

  • Language Locale for the system is now reported as part of the General class.

  • Improved device summary descriptions with more explicit information in the Hardware class.

  • Consolidated device reporting to reconcile data reported by OS with data retrieved from DMI/SMBIOS in the Hardware class.

  • Hardware device database of PCI devices has increased 27% to more than 14,000 entries.

For a complete list of new features and bug fixes in this release, please read the doc/CHANGES.txt file found in the distribution.