SysInfo 7 H8 Reference Manual

September 18, 2006

Table of Contents

I. General Reference
mcsysinfo - MagniComp SysInfo -- display detailed system information in a platform neutral manner
II. Command Reference
mcsysinfocli - MagniComp SysInfo Command Line Interface (CLI)
mcsysinfogui - MagniComp SysInfo Graphical User Interface (GUI)
mcsysinfod - MagniComp SysInfo Service Protocol (SSP) server
III. Configuration Reference
mcsysinfosid - MagniComp SysInfo Databases (SID)
mcsysinfohcf - MagniComp SysInfo Host access Configuration File (HCF)
mcsysinfocfg - MagniComp SysInfo runtime configuration file
mcsysinfositeinfo - MagniComp SysInfo Site Information file
IV. Data Formats Reference
mcsysinforeport - MagniComp SysInfo report output format
V. Programming Reference
mcsysinfoc - MagniComp SysInfo C API to obtain detailed system information in a platform neutral manner
mcsysinfoperl - MagniComp SysInfo Perl API to obtain detailed system information in a platform neutral manner

List of Tables

1. Overview of Output
2. Format of device Information
3. Format of cpuinfo Information
4. Format of cacheinfo Information
5. Format of Device Description Information
6. Format of Device Network Interface Information
7. Format of filesys Name Entry
8. Format of filesys prop Entry
9. Format of general Information
10. Format of kernel Information
11. Format of license Name Entry
12. Format of license Property Information
13. Format of netif Name Entry
14. Format of netif Property Information
15. Format of a network Entry
16. Format of a partition Entry
17. Format of a printer name Entry
18. Format of a printer desc Entry
19. Format of siteinfo Name Entry
20. Format of siteinfo prop Entry
21. Canonical definetion of a software package
22. Software File Information
23. Format of a software desc Entry
24. Format of a printer desc Entry
25. Data Members of mcSysInfo

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