Feature Licenses

Feature licenses enable additional functionality not available with a base product license. Feature licenses are additive licenses and require a valid product license.

The following sections detail the feature licenses available in this release and compares each to the functionality available in the base product.

Storage System Professional Feature License

The base SysInfo™ product includes a builtin license for Storage System Base. The Storage System Professional feature license is an addon license available which signficantly increases the data reported. The following table illustrates the primary differences between these two feature levels.

Table 2.1. Storage System Professional Feature License

FeatureStorage System BaseStorage System Pro
Report all discovered storage systemsYY
Manufacturer and ModelYY
OS and OS VersionYY
Total storage capacityYY
Number of drivesYY
System serial numberYY
Basic system configurationYY
Storage Volume list with detailed configurations Y
Disk Drive detailed data including Manufacturer, Model, capacity, and serial number Y
Controller/Card list with detailed configuration of each Y
Hierarchical representation of physical device connections Y
Storage Enclosure list Y
Licenses configured on storage system Y