Chapter 2. Licensing

Table of Contents

License Requirements
Obtaining a License
Installing a License After Installation

License Requirements

SysInfo™ requires a license file containing valid license information for permanent use. If no license is provided, then SysInfo will run in DEMO mode for 30 days. During the DEMO period, SysInfo will provide the same information as is provided with a full license, but it will display a warning message stating that it is running in DEMO mode. Once the DEMO period has been reached, SysInfo will display an error stating so and will exit without providing any system information.

There is one exception to requiring a license file. If your Internet domain name is one of the domains known to SysInfo to be used exclusively by non-profit educational institutions such as .edu, then no license file is required. In this case, SysInfo will function as if a license file is present. No additional licensing is required.