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Welcome to MagniComp's FREE Software Tag Maker™

MagniComp's free Software Tag Maker allows you to create ISO 19770-2 conformant software tag files which you can include with a software package you sell or distribute. Software Tag files are used by IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) products to discover what software is installed on a computer and the details of that product.

Software Tag files are included in only a small number of software products today, but are rapidly becoming mandated in large government and enterprise Request For Proposals (RFPs).

Anybody can create a Software Tag using MagniComp's Software Tag Maker. IT departments can create Software Tags for older software which does not include it or for their own internally developed software. ISV's can create Software Tags and include that tag file in their product distribution.

Getting Started

The MagniComp Software Tag Maker is a web-based application that allows ISV's, IT Departments, and Resellers to create a ISO 19770-2 conformant Software Tag file for any software application. Just click the Start button below to get started. After you fill out the tag file information you'll be able to download the Software Tag file.